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Launching a new business or product is an art + science + strong and consistent marketing. Gone are the days when you “Build it and they will come”.  Whether you are launching an online or physical business, we’ll help you each step of the way to go through the process of:

Creating a new brand

Developing your brand voice

Designing your brand

How do we do it?

The Process

Your business starts with your VISION

Your vision is reflected in your brand. You need to make it easy for your customers to understand your brand quickly, understand the benefits of your products or service and develop certain positive association with it.

We start by:

  • analyzing your concept
  • simplifying it
  • organizing it

Ready to brainstorm your branding? Our branding worksheet will be a good guide to start the process.


    Branding Concept & Graphics Package

    Although your brand goes far beyond the visual package, professional graphics are one of the key elements of branding in this competitive environment. They help your business to stand out, be memorable, showcase your vision and products, express the atmosphere of your establishment. Once we have a brand concept figured out, let’s design your visual branding package to support your brand that includes:

    • Your new logo
    • Business cards
    • Marketing materials
    • Website
    • Social media banners in one affordable package

    To rebrand or not to rebrand?

    Often established businesses face this question to adapt and pivot to the competitive environment and changes in their offerings and services. Big brands stay relevant and competitive to appeal to the new generations and it’s reflected in their branding and logos:

    Do you feel that that your concept/branding is getting a little dated? If you are not sure if you need a REBRAND or just a BRAND UPGRADE, read about the Is it Time to Rebrand My Business?.

    Let’s brainstorm and conceptualize a new version for your business.