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Rebranding. When does your business need it?


Large corporations and established companies go through rebranding process once in a while to update their visual brand attributes such as logo, colors and general look. Smaller businesses, however, don’t always have the time or funds to complete rebranding and often fail to see the warning signs that their business does need to rebrand.  If you started your business over 10 years ago or have launched a business recently but without proper branding and design process, you may want to go through brand analysis and competition analysis to decide whether your business needs an upgrade or a total brand makeover. You can see some samples here.

Big companies often go through rebranding.

IHOP logo rebranding – before and after. This image is used for illustration purposes only.

The decision to rebrand your business should not set you in a panic mode. In fact, it is the sign of a dynamic proactive behavior. It proves that you want to move forward and continue to be relevant and stay competitive. Over the years, not only business offerings but the design trends change as well and so does your target audience goes through the change too. So, it is very beneficial to “look around” every 5 years or so and look at your business and your industry with a new “set of eyes”. Pay attention to some of these signs when you analyze your positioning. If you see these signs, you must take proper actions at the proper time. Let’s look into this a little deeper.


Are you still attracting the right customers?

The secret behind successful marketing is in the art of grasping and pinpointing the right reason for your perfect customer to get interested in your product/service. If you noticed that your business is attracting customers who are not good fit to your business or business has noticeably slowed down, you should analyze not only your marketing visual attributes but your messaging and branding overall.

If you are attracting the wrong buyers, probably your promotional activities are not conveying the accurate business message. It’s time to get to know your customers better again!  Although, you know your customers pretty well but their age, lifestyle, preferences change with time and new products appear on the market. It is time to get to know them and their buying habits again. Get reacquainted with them properly then aim your marketing strategies to fulfill their unique requirements.

Does your business attract the right customer?

Is your brand identity dated and boring?

 It is in human nature to lose interest in a particular subject after initial interest. So having a dated brand presence that reflects a different era when your business was first started is not helping you anymore

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. It keeps new younger customers away because they are psychologically attracted to brands that convey more modern  branding and are generally not attracted to “old school” establishments and business models. Most likely, given the present trends, your brand fonts and patterns have fallen in “not relevant” category in your customers’ minds. The time has come when you need a brand new look for your business.

Time to rebrand your business.

Branding package by Ambiance Marketing. Modernize your look every 5 years.

Is your website current and mobile optimized?

 If your website has not been worked on for years, not only it loses its design points, functionality but it might not be mobile optimized – not visible on mobile.

Google does not rank non-mobile sites so you are losing all “free” traffic to your website as well.  Effective website design plays an important role in brand identity and its functionality is vital.  If you already have a business website, you need to see whether the design conforms with the latest trends in the market. If your website is not current and not mobile optimized, set the alarm bells to the highest and appoint a reputed website design company to redesign a new website. Appoint a proficient digital marketing service provider to help you convey your business message to the right audience.

Do you have a new line of business and audience?

 Rebranding is a must when you divert the course of your business or you are expanding it! In both cases, you have a new set of audience. You need to cater to the unique requirements of your customers and, thus, you need to start from the beginning and follow the entire cycle:

  • identifying your target customer;
  • researching their buyer behavior;
  • conveying the accurate message to them for each new product offering or line of business.

After you analyze the situation and branding of your business properly, you decide whether or not the timing is good for rebranding. You can always hire a professional consultant or proficient marketing agency to help you with analysis and complete the task for you successfully.

Detect the early signs of business in a need of rebranding. You can request our complimentary Branding Worksheet that will help you determine your main branding attributes and will guide you in the right direction whether you are rebranding or launching a new business. You can also email: with a subject line: Branding Worksheet

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