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From ‘Can we Travel’ to ‘Where to Travel’: how travel landscape is changing in 2021

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Are pandemic days of being cooped up in our homes postponing our travel plans indefinitely over yet? Let’s hope so. 2021 began on a positive note with vaccinations being rolled out around the world. For travelholics, there are two questions right now – ‘Is it safe to travel in 2021?’ and ‘Where do I go?’

As countries begin to allow international travel and popular destinations are being reopened with COVID protocols in place, travelers are searching for that perfect travel destination.

2021 is the year that’s meant for meaningful travel – that first big trip to take. People are now searching for ‘where to travel?’ has highlighted the top destinations travelers are looking forward to this year. Take a look!

  1. Maldives: a luxury getaway to the crystal clear blue waters, sunny sky, amazing coral reefs, and private resorts.
  2. Mexico: this country is well-known for its beautiful beaches, cuisine, and culture with Cancun being a popular destination to fulfil your wanderlust at.
  3. Thailand: where you can treat yourself to exquisite Buddhist monasteries and lush jungles surrounded by stunning beaches.
  4. Turkey: located between Europe and Asia, Turkey boasts of a beautiful confluence of varied cultures. As the erstwhile capital of the Ottoman and Byzantine dynasties, Turkey takes pride in its rich history, culture, alluring beaches, and a delectable variety of food.
  5. Mauritius: incredible rainforests, gorgeous waterfalls, and heavenly beaches.

Other top travel destinations in 2021 include:

  • Portugal
  • Malta
  • Spain
  • South Africa

After travelers have been left out in the cold for a year, it’s natural to see them hitting the road hard now.

According to MakeMyTrip, the dominant types of travel trends post COVID-19 are:

  • Immersive and slow travel
  • Revenge travel
  • Premium stays in villas, vacation rentals, non-hotels, and home stays
  • Weekend escapades
  • Contactless travel

As per the Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T) report, 47% of travelers have opted for ‘solo’ travel with O.A.T and 85% of solo travelers are women. Wow!

Travel Marketing Tips

So it’s clear that the travel plans for 2021 are in full swing. People are searching for travel options and booking those trips for 2021 and beyond. Travel business professionals once again can pivot and adjust their travel offerings to satisfy the market’s needs for small group, safe, immersive post-Covid travel.

Your marketing campaigns need to include the reassuring messages of:

  • Covid safe protocols
  • Assistance with complying with travel restrictions and Covid-testing as required by destination
  • Contactless travel procedures in place
  • Booking flexibility

And make sure your campaigns are getting more personalized per your customers’ specific interests and needs. For example – send out a questionnaire to your customer email database and inquire what their needs and wants are in terms of travel to adjust your travel packages accordingly.

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This information may help you adjust your travel packages and marketing campaigns for your travel business. This is your time to shine! Again!

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