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Content Ideas for Travel Marketing during Global Pandemic

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The novel corona virus has put a stop to almost all activities throughout the world. One of the most robust industries -travel and hospitality – was hit the hardest due to closed borders, no travel and quarantine restrictions as means to fight this pandemic. Does it mean that you have to shut down marketing of your travel agency or travel hospitality business as well? Or do you adjust the sails and come out stronger on the other side?

There are no easy solutions to the current situation but to those who want to sustain and grow their travel business, we advise to focus on their content marketing strategy and Search Engine Optimization strategy. As a boutique marketing agency, we get a lot of questions about travel content and what to write about if you can’t travel and sell travel? So, we’ve got a few ideas that we use for content creation work for our clients.

But first…what is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the way to share information about your business or service in a non-promotional manner to the customers. Each piece of information you share with your readers/followers is valuable and somewhat educational that sparks authentic interest. Content marketing educates your customers, captivates them with interesting stories, and in turn, it helps tremendously with SEO for your site bringing in quality traffic of readers interested in your topic. Through content marketing, your customers learn about your business and learn to trust your business which in turn shortens your sales cycle.

What Travel Content Can I Create Now when I am not Traveling Myself?

There are many things you can share in your travel content. But we all should understand that this is not the time to push hard sales and informercials onto your audiences but rather a time to showcase your brand. Here is a list of just some ideas curated by our travel marketing agency:

Updated Information on Health Advisory

If you specialize in specific destination, remember that you can act as a trusted source of information for your customers. Quarantine guidelines are revised from time to time, and they differ from place to place as well. Inform your readers about the situation in the areas that you normally service.

Destination Imagery

People gladly consume travel information on social media and digital channels to distract and entertain themselves. As part of your travel marketing, include breathtaking visuals of the destination.


Historical facts, important or curious events and trivia – is easy light-hearted type of content that enhances the knowledge about a country or region. Share your usual itineraries to give customers a taste of being there while you are sharing interesting historical facts.

Quizzes & Trivia

Quizzes and trivia questions about your destination are easy to produce on social media and usually very popular with audiences. Such interactive content with multiple choice answers increases engagement on your page quickly. You can event turn it into a contest.

Contests & Gift Boxes

Keep those travel dreams alive by sending prizes or gift boxes with the flavors of your destination. Set up an easy contest on your social media and explain the terms of selecting a winner. This is a fun way to keep the engagement on your pages and keep the connection with your readers. They sure would enjoy receiving a cute gift basket from you. (Maybe even with a special travel offer inside??)


Use your social media platforms to your benefit – set up an interview with an interesting person, traveler who can share some stories, travel tips and just interesting positive information about travel.

Your Team

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Instead of showing products, CEOs of companies are stepping into spotlight with their encouraging messages. This is a very important aspect of authentic marketing during the crisis. Show the humane side of your business. Instead of pushing products, introduce your team and people behind the scene that work in your travel company.

Positivity & Motivation

Send positive messages, inspiring optimistic quotes, words of wisdom, words of calm, peace and hope. Remember, that people CAN’T WAIT to be able to travel again! Keep their hopes alive. You can find a social media marketing agency to help you create content for your travel business further.Your quality content will get noticed and will help you get in front of even more people in your target audience.

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