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Corporate Gifting: Make the Best of it During the Holidays

Holiday Marketing

2020 Holiday season is here and most likely will be the one for the history books just like the whole year because of the health and economic situation brought on by the pandemic. Shoppers have much stronger preference for online shopping nowadays so businesses large and small need to be able to offer online shopping experiences this year. Christmas is not only the time for the biggest retail push of the year but also a time to express gratitude and warm wishes to those who support and play important role in your business.

Regardless of your product or service, always use this time of year to send your gratitude to all important contacts in your business – clients, partners, referral partners, and of course employees. It is the time to acknowledge those who matter to your business. For some businesses, it could be an e-card, for others – elaborate custom-designed Holiday cards or fabulous gift baskets. Although, it seems to be an obvious thing to do, many companies neglect this important marketing touch-point. Yes, use your Holiday gifting as a masterful marketing tool. Good vibes and wishes are always important.

Here are some useful tips to make the best of your Holiday corporate gifting:

  • Keep your gifts up-close and personal: whatever you choose to gift should be thoughtful, personal and meaningful in order to make people feel genuinely appreciated by you and your business. This will keep you from going the simple route of traditional (aka boring) gifts and will help focus on the relationship you are building and values of your brand.
  • Reflect your brand values: make sure gifts are the extension of your brand look, feel and values. If you are a “green” business, do not gift plastic accessories. Instead, select eco-friendly gifts such as these:
  • Personalize it: In his book Giftology, the author John Ruhlin states: “Personalization is what turns an ordinary gift into an extraordinary one.” Most companies personalize gifts with their logo but instead personalize with a logo of your partnering company or client or their initials

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  • Gift Experiences: Experiences are memorable. Many of us will choose experience over a branded product. Can’t throw an awesome party this year? Arrange a live virtual event for your clients or employees. For example, send out fabulous wine in these personalized wine gift bags and set up a virtual wine tasting to spread some holiday cheer and thank everyone for their loyalty.

Follow these tips and make sure you don’t miss out on the Holiday Cheer!

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