Custom Site vs. WordPress Theme Site for Your Business: Pros and Cons
Custom Site vs. WordPress Theme Site

Custom Site vs. WordPress Theme Site for Your Business: Pros and Cons

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Every company, be it small or large, needs to have its own website to sustain itself in the competitive world of business. Yet, in the pursuit of building a website, most entrepreneurs face one crucial question: “Which one is better for my business? A custom-built site or a Word Press theme site?” This blog will shed the light on the pros and cons of both WordPress and custom-built sites, so that you can opt for the right one per your business requirements.

Custom Site: Pros and Cons

Custom-built sites are all about creating websites from scratch. You do not have any available templates and need to hire a tech-expert to develop one for your company. Given below are some of the pros and cons of a custom-built site.


1. Built as per business need- Custom-built websites are not underpinned on pre-decided templates. Rather, expert developers keep their specific client requirements in mind to create a unique and adaptable website. These customized sites are unique in terms of both appearance and functionality.

2. Complaint with SEO- In order to secure a high rank on Google’s search listings, it is better for your business to have a custom-built site. By opting for custom design, your business can have an SEO complaint site from day one of its online presence. Remember! A user-friendly portal designed with clean codes can help to boost the search ranking of your website.

3. Flexibility and customization- A custom-built site is designed along the lines of your specific business needs. This factor enhances the scalability and flexibility of the website. So, should your business choose to expand, your custom-built site can follow suit. Thus, a custom-built site can be tailored to meet the requirements of your business.


1. Time-consuming- A great deal of knowledge and skill go into designing a custom site. It takes time to give unique shape and structure to the website that you have envisioned. Not only is the site developed from scratch, it is also further tested to see if the final product meets your expectations. So, custom design may not be a viable choice should you have an urgent need to develop a business site.

2. The price factor- Expensive prices required for expert programming often discourage small-scale businesses from choosing custom sites for their businesses. There is no denying the fact that a custom-built site is adaptable and unique, but you might want to consider your budget before choosing one.

WordPress: Pros and Cons

In recent times, WordPress has been creating a lot of buzz because of its unique service features and ready-made themes and templates. It has pre-set themes in store for you, which can go easy on your pocket, not to mention a shorter turnaround time. Continue reading to learn about the pros and cons.


1. Swift design of the site- With pre-made WordPress themes at your disposal, it is a cakewalk to make a business site in just a few hours. Since the themes are already underpinned on codes, you can just insert the content and designs to create a unique business site. There is no long wait period before the site is finished or no need for additional programming.

2. Pocket-friendly- Should you have a budget constraint, feel free to opt for WordPress. You can use the free themes to get acquainted with the platform. Moreover, the premium themes are reasonably priced, so, you can give them a try as well. Small scale or start-up companies can choose these pre-made themes to build attractive and responsive websites for their new businesses to flourish online.

3. Plenty of plug-ins support- Very much like the themes, most of the plug-in support comes free. You will find multiple plug-ins to support a WordPress theme of your choice. This way, you can save money and time building your business site.


1. Not fully SEO compliant- A WordPress site must undergo frequent customization to be SEO compliant. Furthermore, the used codes can compromise a company’s ranking on Google’s search engine. Therefore, the pre-set themes of WordPress are less likely to be compliant with SEO services when compared to a custom built site.

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2. Limited personalization- Since WordPress themes are pre-build, there is a limit to which you can personalize your company’s website. This means your business website will not get a unique look in the truest sense. Most importantly, it reduces the scalability and adaptability of the website.

3. Inadequate technical support- There is less technical support available to troubleshoot problems that are encountered in web themes. Although you might get some professional assistance for the premium themes, developers barely offer solutions to fix glitches in the free versions. The non-availability of technical support reduces the reliability of WordPress theme sites.

Before choosing a site type, you might want to consider the above-discussed points. You must choose the appropriate site, custom-built or WordPress, by taking into consideration your business objectives and factors like cost and turnaround time.

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