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Does Marketing Work?

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Does Marketing Work?

If you have started a new marketing strategy, advertising or hired a marketing agency for your business, you now wonder how long will it take to see results? And by results we mean leads, conversions and sales. Most of the business owners want to see results quickly. But how quickly is quickly? That is the question. And what can you expect from your marketing objectives and campaigns?

Marketing does not mean Advertising

It is important to understand that not all marketing is advertising but advertising is part of marketing. Marketing is a bigger umbrella and may or may not include advertising as part of the strategy.

If you are fixing a “damp” reputation online which was damaged by a few random bad reviews – it will take some time to fix it. Does it mean that it will immediately bring new customers through the door? That is not the objective here but one important step and important fire to put out that in a longer term WILL benefit your business by attracting new clients instead of repelling them away.

If you are investing in SEO, moving up your business to a more visible position – will it bring clients right away? No. But gradually it will once you gain that position PROVIDED your other marketing pieces and systems are in place such as: good reputation, social media presence, and price points.

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Objective is a key-word here. Before starting any marketing campaign, you do need to understand the objective and desired outcome clearly.

Advertising & Lead Generation

Advertising and lead generation, on other hand, are designed to act fast and bring leads to your small business quickly. And nowadays, we have very predictable, trackable online advertising vehicles that act fast. There are also case studies that can demonstrate what other businesses in your industry were able to achieve and how fast. These results are measurable and can be forecast.

The other day, I heard from a professional: “I usually know which networking my customers come from, but somebody contacted me out of the blue. They must be spammers!” This is funny because in this age customers should be finding you “out of the blue” – online. And it does not really matter what line of business you are in.

When you do have to do massive leg work literally to get a new customer – your marketing needs to be evaluated. You may not be aware of the marketing tools out there that can drastically reduce your marketing “legwork” and automate your lead generation. When you have the right marketing systems in place – customers find you and find you on auto-pilot. You do not need to network to obtain a new customer. You can continue networking as you wish IN ADDITION to other lead generation systems that bring you business.

How can I make it work faster?

If you want your marketing work better and faster, have a digital marketing consultant analyze your systems and fuel it with advertising. You will see measurable results. If you are not experienced in this field, save yourself time and money down the road and hire a digital specialist to set this up correctly.


It is important to realize and discuss the term for your campaigns. Often, they gain traction only after several months of work. For example, while setting up marketing strategy for a travel business client, we look at overall picture over 12 months. With higher ticket price tags and longer sales cycle, the term for campaigns need to be adequate. The owner of the travel company understands it completely as she explains this about their investment into online advertising: “One month we might have bookings, next month we may not, but you need to evaluate this type of advertising over 12 months period. There will be results and over the course of the year, you will have a more complete ROI picture.”

Summary: Marketing almost always works and it generates interest, leads and sale conversions. But there are various pieces of the puzzle that can make it work faster. Be patient and know your short term objectives and long term objectives. For a free consultation and evaluation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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