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E-Mail Marketing – Use it or Lose it

Email Marketing

Is e-mail marketing out-of-date and overrated as an effective lead generation tool? This discussion has been doing rounds on social media for quite some time. Is it getting too overused and spammy? Do your e-mail marketing campaigns still generate leads for your business?

E-Mail Marketing

According to Entrepreneur magazine:

  • 200 million marketing e-mails are sent out every 60 seconds
  • 72% of US citizens prefer companies to contact them via e-mail and 91% say that they like to receive promotional e-mails from reputable companies.
  • 73% of companies agree that e-mail marketing is a key business generating tool even today.
  • Email is the most cost effective type of advertising because it’s pretty much… FREE
  • Unlike other type of advertising, you can track the results of email campaign – see how many people read your email and what sales it brought in as a result of your email campaign
    These numbers speak for themselves.

These numbers speak for themselves.

However, our Inboxes are very busy and our time IS very valuable. How do you make email marketing effective? Just sending out promotional content and bluntly pushing your products via e-mail was never an effective way to promote a business and can be quickly labelled as spam. Today’s successful e-mail marketing strategy is not sale-inducing but business enhancing in terms of creating awareness and developing relationships.

Emails should be providing readers with some valuable information that they have an interest in. And a special effort should be made to continuously growing a database of prospective customers. Here are a few ideas on where to find them:

Collect Your Database

If you do not collect and organize email data for your business systematically, it’s time to look around and gather it together. If you have been in business for a while, you have many email contacts and business cards sitting around. Retail businesses most likely have them stored in POS systems; guest books; business card collectors. Your junk drawers, business card boxes and networking folders would be a good source too.

Collect Your Database

Creating Lead Generation Offers

Do you collect email addresses online from your website and social media? If you have a service-based business, it is easy to put together a Special Offer or a free e-Book or a Whitepaper to offer a solution to some of the problems your customers seek your services. Upload it on your website, social media. When you provide a free advice or a free service, you can ask for their e-mail in exchange. If you have a special offer displayed on your website, you will be systematically getting new Subscribers provided you have adequate traffic coming to your website. That way your e-mail subscribers’ list will grow and enable you to run a successful e-mail marketing campaign in the future.

Lead Generation Offers

Use The Social Media Effectively

In addition to signing up Subscribers via your website, you can promote your lead generation offers on your social media pages by running a campaign that requires people to sign up. For example, we can help you design a Facebook campaign that requires users to sign up with their e-mail IDs to get your special offer. You can also promote these offers on other channels with social sharing buttons to help the users share the content with their friends and contacts

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. Integrate a Call-To-Action on your Facebook page that requires an e-mail sign-up and link it to a landing page where they can download your offer. Pinterest & Instagram are great visual tools that promote your offers with eye-catching cover designs and unique content as well.

Social Media

Subscription Offers For Contests Or Free Giveaways

Contests are another way to attract new potential customers and collect their emails. For example, you can create a contest or a free giveaway on social media and it will quickly spread and attract many new followers and new emails as a result of the giveaway.

The most important thing about E-mail Marketing is to actually DO IT and do it CONSISTENTLY. Only then it becomes an efficient marketing system that will bring SALES to your business. Too many of our clients are “sitting” on their valuable email databases. Email data can be a GOLDMINE for your business when used properly.
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