Optimizing business Google listing and your business local SEO

Why You Need to Optimize Your Business Google Listing Before the Holidays


Your Business Google Listing or “Google My Business” listing is still very relevant and important for ANY type of business and not only for local businesses and retail. It is an integral part of your SEO eco-system and is a shortcut to a greater visibility on the first page of Google. Whether you are a Local Business/Store or B2B professional, don’t ignore Google map listing and do spend some time optimizing and preparing for better visibility and traffic now BEFORE the Holidays. It is obvious that it is vital for retail businesses and e-commerce businesses and although you may have a more complex SEO strategy in place, if it’s been a while since your Google My Business listing was created, you may want to go back to basics and optimize it for the BEST performance this Holiday season.


Every business has or can have a FREE business listing on Google called “Google My Business”. To see your listing – type up the category of your business in your town (“cleaner in Orange”) or the name of your business and town and see if your business shows up on the map. Now, it shows only top 3 results (businesses) under the map and you need to click on More Places to see other businesses.

Google My Business

Google My Business


If you don’t see your business on top of the page, you are losing some traffic and potential customers

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. This listing is critical and very important for your local SEO. This can be fixed though and with some effort, your business can be showing up every time there’s a query for your type of business. Your business simply does not “exist” without Google My Business in online world. There are good traffic opportunities that come with optimized Google My Business listing.

Here are some steps that you can take to optimize your Google My Business listing performance:
1. Claim your listing so that you have access to it
2. Make sure your NAP (business name, address, phone number) are 100% accurate and your address on the website and other listings MATCH exactly that address, street abbreviations, suite number, etc as it’s shown on GMB
3. Make sure to update and optimize your business description with correct Business Categories and key-words
4. When choosing a business category be as specific as possible to avoid more generic terms like “Shop”, “Restaurant” and specify what kind of shop or restaurant
5. Update all important business pertaining information
6. Upload new photos and especially VIDEOS
7. Double-check links to website and social media to make sure they are correct. Make sure no one has linked the website to their affiliate link (sometimes happens)
8. Perform these updates on a regular basis to build up Google’s “trust and rapport” for your business

Once these basics are taken care of, here are some Advanced Tactics:
• Consider a Google certified Indoor Photography package to upload on the listing
• Set up AdWords ads to drive more visitors
• Check the busiest business hours in GMB reporting and run ads during those times
• Encourage more reviews and social check-ins from your customers
• Encourage visitors to upload photos of your business
• Post regularly on your business Google+ page

Accuracy and optimized descriptions for your business are very important for your successful GMB listing along with engagement and interaction on your page. If you do need assistance with optimizing your Google listing, we do have a special “Holiday Tune-up” offer starting $99 that will take care of all the basics and even some advanced tactics on your page. Please drop your inquiry in the comments below if you are interested, and we’ll get back to you.


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