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Holiday Advertising

Last Minute Holiday Advertising Campaigns


The crazy month of December is here! Chaotic, cold, but also filled with joy, shopping, parties and anticipation of the culmination of Winter Holidays. Fun! However, if you are in a business that requires constant hustling to keep attracting customers and selling especially during this hectic time, you are not ready to put your feet up by the fire quite yet.

One marketing tool that we use a lot this Holiday season and that works almost instantly and can bring a flow of new customers ON DEMAND is – Facebook advertising

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. A carefully planned out Facebook Advertising Campaign can start generating a ton of new leads for your business in as little as 24 hours. Starting with a simple Boosted Post to more complex targeting, Facebook advertising proves to be effective for small businesses with specific niche and/or servicing specific area.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising:

  • Very precise geographic and demographic targeting that allows you to select and attract different groups of customer audiences that have interest or have purchased your product before
  • Affordability compared to Google PPC
  • Control over the budget and ad spend


Mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t put too much text in your ad image and the text area above the ad. Although, 20% text rule is no longer there, ads with too much text tend to perform worse and/or can be flagged by Fb.
  • Don’t select all of your matching targeting options in one Ad Set. When you try to include all of the matching targeting options in one box, instead of narrowing down your audience, it’s actually “dilutes” and broadens your targeting by including anyone who meets targeting criteria.
  • Don’t underestimate visuals – go for images that are natural-looking like a normal post would be but the one that evokes emotion. Yes, Facebook is for emotional people, lol. That’s why they added “emotion” buttons.


What can you expect?

Even with low investments of $5 a day you can expect results! The trick is to have the strategy and to know exactly what results you are shooting for.

What can you expect from $5 investment? (from Buffer Social)
• Page Likes – $0.57 per like
• Clicks to the landing page – $4.01 per click
• Boosted post – $6.35 per additional 1,000 people reached

When we view this in terms of how much $5 per day will buy you, these are the numbers:
• Page Likes – 9 likes per day
• Clicks to the homepage – 1 per day
• Boosted post – 787 new people reached

But these numbers can be much better depending on your targeting criteria and ad objective.

Return on Investment

There are many metrics and insights to calculate your campaigns ROI that we do provide in reporting but the best one is when clients say: “We are getting so many inquiries – THANK YOU!”

Happy Holidays!

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