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How to Market to Older Demographics – GenX & Baby Boomers

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Millennials (or Generation Y) and the newly evolved generation Z are very visible in our society. Open any social media platform and you will see young people dominating the platforms globally sharing their lives with the rest of the world. With technology and social media platforms evolving constantly, marketers masterfully use technology to capture their attention and offer products that are customized to their interests and lifestyles. How great is that? But when it comes to the older folks such as Gen X (born between 1965 and 1979) and Baby Boomers (born between 1944 and 1964), they sometimes remain a mystery on social media. If older demographics are your target audience, it is important to make sure that your marketing efforts are structured correctly to include or target the older generations directly.

Which social media platforms do they prefer?

So, what kind of social media platforms are they on? While it might seem like they are not on many, you’ll be surprised to know that they are on:

  1. Facebook (users 50- 64: 72%, users 65+: 62%)
  2. LinkedIn (users 30-49: 33%, users 50-64: 24%, users 65+: 20%)
  3. Pinterest: the median age of users is 40; women heavily prevail on this platform at 70% of users; the majority of users are aged between 30 and 49
  4. Instagram users show: 47% of 30–49yo users; 23% of 50–64; and 8% of 65+
  5. Twitter shows much smaller numbers of this generation.

So, older generations are embracing social media and showing a good presence. They may appear to be more passive in their usage (posting), however, they are on these platforms following the brands and personalities they like.

It has also been found that 82% of them have only one social media account that they favor and visit often.

Gen X is very active on social media. People from this generation use social media more than the Millennials! The difference is that they use social media to connect with family, friends or search for information. Their social media platform of choice is Facebook.

So, for Gen X and Baby Boomers, the best platform is Facebook as this is where they are most likely to be found.

How to market to them

  1. Keep it relevant: Post straightforward messages instead of trying to use ads or games. Maintain your text clear using plain language; don’t use slang or any references that younger generations might use.
  2. Keep it simple: Make sure any processes involved with your brand or business are simple and require a minimum effort. Contests with a long set of rules will not be the best approach. Simplicity is the key. This will keep them interested and make them loyal customers.
  3. Let them know they are special: Send them offers and special deals to make them feel appreciated; coupons or offers do work and are likely to be shared with family and friends.
  4. Gain their trust: Make sure every step of the process is clearly explained so that they have bigger trust in your business. Testimonials from past customers and zero spam will reinforce the trust.
  5. Send personalized messages or offers: Make sure your messages are personalized, if possible. Define a strategy that targets individual interests.
  6. Make sure they know they can count on you: After every transaction, follow up with the intention of making them feel special and connected to your brand.

We hope these tips will give you a better insight into reaching out to these powerful groups of potential customers – GenX and Baby Boomers with your marketing strategies. These are the primary targeting groups for some of our clients and so, we stay on top of the marketing behavior of these target groups.

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