Ambiance marketing and multisensory approach to local store marketing
Mutlisensory ambiance marketing

Multisensory Approach to Marketing


Why Ambiance Marketing?


Ambiance is an intangible feeling – atmosphere – that draws people in with its unique components and affects how it makes them feel. People refer to “ambiance” when they talk about a particular venue, surroundings or space. Ambiance marketing should be an integral part of your brand positioning and we’ll try to explain why in this blog.

Even before we look into a customer’s marketing & traffic analytics, we study their ‘ambiance’ factor and curb-appeal of their physical business… Whether the customer is involved with hospitality, retail owners or property professionals creating an attractive and unique ambiance goes far beyond cosmetic and atmospheric features of the space

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. We look at the intangible ‘ambiance’ that they create, starting with their branding and marketing campaigns to analyzing customer buying experience cycle inside and outside of the physical location. More and more customers are focused on the EXPERIENCE of your brand and the FEELING that it evokes and not just the quality of your service and products. Buying decisions are not always driven by price but rather by the perceived value in consumer’s mind AND his/her feeling – how your business/products make them feel. Emotional purchases are very common in the industries we work with: hospitality, design boutiques, retail, real estate, etc. Why is it important? Well, this multi-sensory approach simply increases sales.


Create Unique Shopping Experience

Hospitality/restaurant industry is not the only one that relies heavily on customer experience, and multi-sensory marketing to attract and retain customers. Ambiance is created by the entire purchasing experience from parking through ordering, to using restrooms and everything in-between including Social Media and follow up touch-points. No longer businesses and restaurants are able to rely solely on food or products – there are too many competitors with similar products. The experience needs to be memorable and personable. When the customer is surrounded by a combination of a beautiful environment, pleasing sounds, and especially personalized service – the experience becomes memorable. People are willing to pay more and they expect more. Such multi-sensory approach cannot be ignored in any B2C business. Mastery of creating ambiance and delivering on the brand promise will ultimately translate to increasing your bottom line.


Any new business needs to build out the brand from the conception, designing customer experience from the moment the customer approaches the building to long after they leave. Did they give you a 5-star review? Did you collect their email for future communication? Do they follow you on social media? How many communication touch-points does your average customer require before coming back to your store? This multi-step approach starts with unique branding as a magnet to attract new customers through targeted social media campaigns initially, advertising and paired with other offers via email.

What Draws Them in?

Interior Design and Decorating are powerful marketing tools not only for real estate professionals but also for business owners. By enhancing your environment, you elevate the customer experience, your brand and ultimately, your profits.

ambiance marketing retail

If your brand feels tired and old – let our team look at it and suggest CORRECTIONS. We don’t always suggest complete re-branding. Sometimes, just small corrections can be made to preserve your authenticity, personality all the while improving customer experience and sprucing up your space visually.


Our Team

Think of our marketing as a 3D approach – not only do we work to enhance your online marketing but we also can suggest strategies to improve on the PHYSICAL experience of your brand. This is what distinguishes Ambiance Marketing from other marketing agencies. We work with your online reputation and visibility, with business owners and their team, and your space and demonstrate how to define the brand better, how to improve customer service experience, how to create inviting space and ultimately improve profits.

Our team consists of experts in marketing, graphic design, interior design and retail sales, social media and other support staff. You can see what some of our customers say here.

Contact us today by dropping a line in the Comment section below to make an appointment to for an initial consultation. The sooner you do, the sooner we can create and implement a plan to bring a new ambiance and energy to your business, resulting in more traffic, higher profits and increased longevity.

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