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Restaurant Marketing: Increase Summer Revenue with 5 Easy Steps Within 30 Days


Quick do-it-yourself campaigns that will boost your summer revenue

1. Introduce New Summer Drink

Whether you serve liquor or not – introduce a new AMAZING summer drink that can be with or without alcohol and also consider adding a new drink to Kid’s Menu as well. Make sure drinks look and taste great and “inspire” summer lazy days and/or use seasonal fruits. Be creative with your marketing message – whether you are promoting an antioxidant healthy concoction or a sexy summer cocktail – describe and present it well. Garnish, take quality photos and promote the new drink on your website, social media, and inside on table tops.

2. Ramp up your online take out and online catering sales.

This is very important and can double your revenue! Make sure you have working, easy to use updated online ordering links on your website for take out and a separate order form for catering

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. Online ordering makes ordering:

  • Easier for your customers
  • Faster as your staff does not need to take long orders by phone
  • More profitable – Statistics show that online orders are 25% larger than phone orders!

3. Set up Facebook & Google Ads for your online ordering features – send traffic to your online ordering menu.

Promote your online ordering links on your social media and website but to get more traffic and new customers – set up targeted ads to drive local traffic to your menu.

4. Run a Gift Card Flash Sale

Run a quick sale for your discounted gift cards: Get $100 GC for $80 or $40 GC for $25 or even as high as 50% off cards. Limit quantities or time frame to get people to act fast. Sell 100 gift cardsx$80=$8000 in revenue in 1-2 days. Promote on your website, social media and by email with online gift card link purchase. Statistics show that up to 40% of gift cards recipients never use the full value of the card.

5. Organize a summer event!

You are in hospitality business, so host an event: sample tasting, beer tasting, wine tasting dinner, live music or other entertainment event. People are looking for local entertainment and will the spread the word for you! Make sure to notify local newspapers and event directories in advance so that they can promote it for you.

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