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From Concept to Reality

Restaurant Branding & Marketing is what started this agency. Hospitality branding is the culmination of multi-sensory experience created in the space that includes not only menu choices but space design, ambiance, décor, texture, music – the whole atmosphere of the place is what makes you to fall in love with a dining establishment. Menu options, type of service, pricing level are encompassing ingredients that work together to express your very unique brand and keep on attracting new and repeat customers. We can help you fine tune your vision and make your restaurant dream a reality.

Branding & Graphics

Visuals are very important in a competitive restaurant industry. They help your business to stand out, be memorable, showcase your vision and products, express the mood of your establishment. Once we have a restaurant concept figured out, let’s design your visual branding package to support your brand that includes:

  • Your new logo
  • Menu design
  • Signage & Banners
  • Website
  • Social media banners

Established businesses go through rebranding and brand refresh as well. If you feel that your restaurant concept/branding a little dated and could be more refreshing and fun and more up-to-date – please contact us to discuss. Big brands stay relevant and competitive and appeal to new generations and it reflects in their branding and logos:



Create the Buzz

We start marketing new restaurants long before they are open. By the time they are ready to open their doors, people in the community are already AWARE of the new brand and products, EXCITED about the new business, and LINE UP at the doors to be the first to get the taste of the new place. Why? Because it is important to create the BUZZ before you even launch your business. Thanks to Social Media, online marketing and blogging it is all possible to use these FREE channels to create the BUZZ about your business and save thousands in advertising dollars.

We compiled some of the tactics in this free guide that you can download here to learn how you can do the same for your new or existing business.

Open New Restaurant

Key Marketing Metrics

Statistic shows that around 60% of restaurants fail within the first year and 80% before its fifth anniversary. Consistent branding and marketing play a major role in creating and sustaining the constant flow of customers and encouraging “word-of-mouth” viral advertising that Social Media is so good at.

Marketing Strategy

We create individual marketing packages that take care of your key marketing metrics and create the momentum for your business. We work with consultants in other areas as well – Menu & Operations consultants are available upon request.

Plans are tailored specifically towards your restaurant needs and goals and can be modified and customized. Request more information below:



Basic marketing plan that will greatly increase your online visibility and will take care of:

  • Online Local Visibility
  • Social Media, Email/Text
  • Reputation management
  • Advertising Budget



Basic marketing plan that will greatly increase your online visibility and will take care of:

  • Online Local Visibility
  • Social Media, Email/Text
  • Reputation management
  • Online couponing
  • Advertising Budget


  • Online Local Visibility
  • Social Media, Email/Text
  • Reputation management
  • Advertising Budget
  • Local PR: media; Blogger Outreach
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    • Professional well-organized display is vital for any retail business. But many store owners sometimes underestimate their online presence. Online "window" into your business starts with your business directories, web site, social media. Your online presence should be structured and managed with the same attention to detail as you put into your window displays. We offer a special training to retail businesses that does not only guide your through A to Z of key branding and marketing secrets for small business but also uncovers tips and tricks that experienced store owners use to create a special magnetizing atmosphere in their stores that attracts and brings back customers. Feel free to DM us to request this free training.