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Shop Small This Fall


Holiday shopping frenzy is coming! Is your business ready? If you are an owner of independent small business, you should be getting ready for Small Business Saturday on November 29, 2014

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. This day is a great opportunity to attract new local customers, create a community event, and launch your Holiday sales! Shop Small event is a nation wide movement organized by American Express and if you an AmEx merchant you get extra perks.

So, how can you drive sales?

– Get your business listed on Shop Small map where local people in your town can find you = new customers

– Announce a Community Event or Customer Appreciation Day and get extra help in promoting it via American Express

– download printable signage, logo, email templates, postcard template to be displayed and sent out

– get FREE advertising credit with Yelp and other premier partners ($100) – free advertising money!

– be creative and think of a fun event or promo and local publicity you can get if you act fast

Deadline for application is November 14;

Our clients get Small Business Saturday marketing materials done for them in a simple package that includes all of the above ALL DONE for them. All they have to do is to display it at their businesses.

Need help? Act fast and get your business listed & receive supporting marketing materials to close more sales Nov. 29 and to launch a successful Holiday season!

Small Business Saturday Marketing Package

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